Helpline Service


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (9am-5pm)

Tuesday & Friday (9am-1.30pm)

If you are unable to get through to these numbers, please leave a voicemail and someone will get back to you ASAP, or e-mail or

Autism NI operates an Helpline Service through the Central Office. Parents and professionals use this service to seek information on a wide range of issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  At present, due to funding crisis we are unable to operate this service to its full potential; as soon as monies or volunteers become available we will improve its operations.  The volume of enquiries (from both parents and professionals) we are dealing with indicates the real need that exists to inform, assist and support those affected by ASD.  

Just a few of the comments from parents who have contacted the Helpline; Often it is the opportunity to tell someone how you feel without being judged that can make all the difference.

"Just having someone there that understood what we were going through as a family was a fantastic help"

"At least I knew I wasn't on my own irrespective of the outcome"

"Thank you for listening, I didn't think I could carry on today but talking to you has really helped"