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Family Support

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Autism NI's Family Support team offers support to parents/carers of newly diagnosed children as well as support to families who have been living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for longer periods. Autism NI has a family support team who are committed to supporting all families with many issues and challenges they may face. 

Our Family Support team offers a regional Helpline by calling 02890401729 (Option 1) from Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.00am-5.00pm and Tuesday and Friday 9.00am-1.30pm. 

We currently have 20 Family Support Groups across Northern Ireland offering support to thousands of parents and carers and indviduals with ASD. To find out more about our Support Groups, please click here.

We also provide (depending on available funding) Family Support workshops for parents and carers. To check for available courses in your area, please click here

Please visit Family Support for further information.

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The Autism NI training service aims to provide information and teach various strategies, practical solutions and a range of interventions for parents, carers, family members and professionals at all different levels. Whether you are new to Autism and want some basic training, to developing your knowledge of a specific topics such as social skills and growing up, we can provide you with the course you need.

The training department also manages a range of specialist projects involving pioneering work, partnerships and consultations aimed at taking forward ASD related strategies, and also provides tailor made, training packages for staff and volunteers from a wide range of organisations.

Our accredited training courses are delivered by experienced trainers with a range of skills and in depth knowledge on Autism.

For more information on our range of Training courses, please click here

RAFT Early Intervention Service

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The RAFT (Reaching Autism Families Together) early intervention service is a partnership service, led by Autism NI, which aims to build and strengthen relationships for families of children with Autism aged 12 and under in the Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey areas. They:

  • Encourage early childhood intervention through practical skills training
  • Set up and run support groups for family members in the community
  • Engage in home-based programmes for up to 6 weeks
  • Provide training courses for parents and family members


Autism NI’s ongoing lobbying efforts are based upon a general campaign of Autism Awareness. The main activities in this campaign are focused on Autism Awareness Month and the United Nations Designated 'World Autism Awareness Day' (2nd April).

The focus of the lobby has been to improve understanding and promote the need for specialist services for Autism. Through hard work, lobbying and the establishment of partnerships with the All Party Group in Autism (APGA), Parents Autism Lobby (PAL) and the Celtic Nations Autism Partnership (CNAP); the historic Autism Act (NI) in 2011 led by Autism NI was obtained and enacted on August 9th 2011. Autism is now fully engaged in the post legislation process. To read more about the Autism Act NI, please click here

Autism NI has built its Lobby on researched evidence and partnership building. Please visit Campaigning for further information.

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