Published Papers:


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Research Reports:

  1. A Study to Evaluate the TEACCH Project (1995-96): (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children) Ulster University & Autism NI
  2. Diagnostic Scoping Study (1998): A Study to investigate the provision of diagnostic services for people with ASD in NI: Ulster University & Autism NI
  3. The Keyhole® Early Intervention Project in ASD (2003): Ulster University & Autism NI
  4. An Evaluation of the Keyhole® Autism Project provided by Early Years (NIPPA) (2005-2007): Ulster University, Autism NI, Early Years & Barnardos
  5. Evaluation Report on the Western Area Support Project (WASP) on early intervention with families who have a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (2006): Ulster University & Autism NI
  6. Connecting with Autism: Final Report on the Evaluation of the Keyhole Rainbow Resource Kit (2007): Institute of Nursing Research & Ulster University
  7. An Evaluation of the Need and Early Intervention Support for Children (Aged 2-4 Years) with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Northern Ireland (2007): Ulster University & Autism NI
  8. The Development of a Training Strategy for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Northern Ireland (2007): Ulster University & Autism NI/DHSSPS
  9. Promoting the Social Inclusion of Children and Teenagers with ASD (2009): Ulster University & Autism NI
  10. Autism in NI - A Hidden Community (2010): Autism in NI – A Hidden Community. A report on an effective family support model: University of Ulster & Autism NI
  11. "Is Anyone Listening?" (2010) - A report on stress, trauma and resilience and the supports needed by parents of children and individuals with ASD and professionals in the field of Autism in NI: Rosie Burrows
  12. Evaluation of Growing Up Workshop (2011): Ulster University & Autism NI
  13. Young People, Autism & Justice (2015): Ulster University & Autism NI
  14. Broken Promises (2016): Autism NI and the National Autistic Society NI

Autism NI were resourced to develop, implement and evaluate training workshops for parents that would support them “to improve and promote the sexual health and social well-being of young people with Autism in NI”.  

Short Reports:

Coping with University Life using Mindfulness and Sensory Strategies (2016) Ulster University

Printed Documents:

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